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ORDER OF DRESS: C3E - Winter Dress / Tenue d'hiver

Optional Training

Instruction optionelle

Descriptions of Optional Training

Many of the Optional Training is on hold due to the requirements of Provincial Health Measures to ensure the safety of all involved. If you have any questions please email

Some Optional activities are pending confirmation of location and Instructor availability.


The cadet music program recognizes two types of bands: military bands and pipe bands. Military bands' instrumentation includes woodwinds, brass, and/or percussion, while pipe bands' instrumentation includes pipes and drums.

The music proficiency levels are recognized on the cadet uniform using a system of badges based on the music training programs; the military band badge represents a lyre, while the pipe band badge represents either a pipe or a drum, depending on the instrument played.

So join us during our Virtual Meeting and learn to play a Instrument.


Cadet biathlon develops power, endurance, strength, skill, precision and calm under pressure for cadets. The sport is a combination of cross-country skiing and marksmanship. But it is not that simple. After skiing fast and hard, biathletes must calm themselves to take accurate and controlled shots at targets 50 meters away.

In a single race cadet competitors can ski up to 7 kilometers and shoot 15 targets. For the cadet, the clock is always running. It’s action-packed, physically-demanding and extraordinary to watch.

Drill Team

The Drill Team instills physical and personal discipline as cadets master their bodies and minds to perform precision movements. This is the most popular team among determined squadron leaders, providing cadets the opportunity to command a squad. The team sets a high standard for cadet drill, dress and deportment.

Effective Speaking

Learn the art of public speaking through effective speaking techniques, speech writing, impromptu presentations and more!

The Effective Speaking program is open to cadets in all training levels - for more information, please check out the Effective Training Resources link below.

The Effective Speaking (ES) program provides opportunity for Air Cadets to find their voice and build self-confidence through practice, instruction, and competition. Annually, top speakers at the squadron level compete at the regional ES competition. During the provincial ES competition, the top regional speakers deliver prepared speeches and most excitingly, speak off-the-cuff like pros.

Flight Simulator Program

I am thrilled to be able to release more information regarding our newest optional training program. I have included a document outlining some important information about Phase 1. We will begin our first meeting at 1800 hrs March 2nd via Zoom. The first 30 minutes of this meeting will be an opportunity for us to go over the information I have included below as well as an opportunity for you to ask questions. If you have questions you would like answered before this meeting, please reply to this post. This program is open to cadets in any level as well as any staff members.

Ground School

The "Ground School" course runs for all cadets from September to December. Cadets in any level can participate in the Ground School Course, however only those who meet the requirements, and are selected, will be permitted to write the entrance exam and continue in the weekly classes up until the regional exam in January. It is highly recommend that any cadet interested in applying to the GSP or PPS, participate in Ground School Course each year, even if they are not yet eligible to write the entrance exam to gain experience and knowledge.


The Cadet Marksmanship Program is a challenging and competitive sports program accessible to all cadets. It develops skills through superior training and Olympic-style competition. This is why every year, thousands of cadets participate in this fun and rewarding program.

Cadets have the opportunity to participate in a series of competitions at the local level that culminate in provincial competition and an annual National Cadet Marksmanship Championship.

Cadets participating in the marksmanship program learn about the safe handling of rifles, build self-esteem and practice focus, engage in good sportsmanship & sport etiquette, and develop greater self-discipline on top of improving marksmanship technical skills.

Paint Afternoons

Learn Acrylic Painting with us thru step by step tutorials that focus on building skills and techniques that you can apply to your own practice. Tune in to with us for different virtual tutorials and dedicate some time to creative learning.

Please check Google Classroom for the classes that we will be doing.

Scholarship Prep Boards

The two most prestigious courses in air cadets are the gliding and powered flight scholarship courses. To ensure they have the best opportunity to attend these courses, cadets who are planning to learn to fly through air cadets should discuss the options and requirements with their officers while they are at an early age.

These meetings are to help cadets prepare for their Selection Boards. If you are a Scholarship Candidate please attend these classes.


The SurvivAir Competition was an annual survival competition held over 3 days and two nights with  Squadrons from across Alberta.  Each squadron may enter a team consisting of 8 cadets including:

  • 2 level one cadets
  • 2 level two cadets
  • 2 level thee cadets
  • 2 cadets form any combination of levels one to five
  • Minimum of 2 cadets from the opposite gender

In the past the competition  comprised of the following challenge areas: 
All components of the competition will be conducted from memory, without aid.

Aircrew survival, 
Physical fitness, Marksmanship, First aid, Radio Communication, Orienteering