St. Albert Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets
St. Albert Community Hall, 17 Perron Street, St. Albert, AB


The Sponsoring Committees are supervised by the Air Cadet League of Canada, provincial Committees (for us, it is the Alberta committee). The Air Cadet League requires a minimum of 5 members on the sponsoring committee: the president/chair; the vice-president/vice-chair, the treasurer, secretary and one member.
St. Albert Host Lions Club

Host Lions Club

The Air Cadet League requires all squadrons to have a sponsor. For 533 Sabre Squadron, the sponsor is the St. Albert (Host) Lions Club. The roles and responsibilities of the sponsoring committee are (major ones):
  • Obtain suitable accommodations for training
  • Recruitment of cadets and publicize activities of the squadron
  • Providing and managing all financial matters and administrative needs of the squadron
  • Provide supervision of squadron finances and provide a report to the Provincial Committee of the Air Cadet League annually on the finances of the Squadron (ACC9)
  • Provide training aids and equipment including band instruments not supplied by the CF
  • See that the squadron is conducted in accordance with League rules and regulations
  • Provide squadron representation in the local community
  • Provide any additional needs of the squadron such as recreational programs, transportation and the like
  • Make recommendations through the Provincial Committee regarding appointment, transfer or release of CIC officers of cadet squadrons. Assist in enrolling suitable candidates for officers and civilian instructors or volunteers
  • Providing necessary input to cadets applications for summer training
  • Providing transportation, when not available from CF for local training exercises
  • Liaison with other cadet units
  • Providing awards, trophies, etc to recognize proficiency
Volunteers working in the community

Friends of 533 Society

Before turning to the 533 Squadron Sponsoring committee, the Air Cadet league also recognizes squadron supporters. Squadron supporters are organizations who are interested in supporting the squadron. The Friends of 533 fall into this category. The Air Cadet League encourages Sponsoring Committees to maintain a close relationship with supporters of Squadrons. While the basic cadet program is free, much of our programming does require funding. This year the 533 Sabre Squardon is proud to offer the following programs: Biathlon, Drone Pilot Training, Duke of Edinburgh Award, and Geocaching. This year our fundraising goal is $30,000.00 to maintain these programs. To meet this goal, we are requesting all families pay an annual conditional, refundable fundraising commitment of $400 for one cadet or $600 if you have 2 or more cadets registered. Please contact Friends of 533, via email, if you are interested.