St. Albert Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets
St. Albert Community Hall, 17 Perron Street, St. Albert, AB

Oct 13th Parade Announcement’s



Saturday 15 Oct; 
– Biathlon Cadet Training run, Lions Park, 1300 hours til 1430. Please dress for the weather and bring your water bottle. No jeans or boots. 
– FUNDRAISER BOTTLE DRIVE – Riel Bottle Depot (#8 Riel Drive St. Albert) 2 Shifts 0900-1300 or 1300-1700 hrs.  
THIS IS A BIG fundraiser for the squadron so we need Volunteer parents and cadets needed for this important fundraiser. Meet at the St. Albert Bottle Refund, #8 Riel Drive. DRIVERS are still needed so please talk to your parents.

Sunday 16 Oct; 
– Sr. Cadet will be volunteering for the St. Albert Legion Veteran’s dinner. If you signed up please don’t be late.

Monday 17 Oct;
– Biathlon Run Practice at W. D. Cuts school at 149 Larose Drive,1800-1845 hrs. 
Wear runners and appropriate running gear for the weather. Running will happen outside, bring your own refillable water bottle. No jeans or boots. 
– Band Training at W.D. Cuts School at 149 Larose Drive, from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm.  Bring your own instrument if you have one, or another will be issued to you next Thursday.  New cadets invited to join as well; no previous band experience required. No uniforms, wear appropriate civilian attire.

Wednesday 19 Oct;
– Biathlon Range practice at St. Albert Community Hall, Biathlon teams members 6:00 to 9:00 pm.  No uniforms; wear appropriate civilian attire. Bring a Water bottle.

Thursday 20 Oct;
– Please arrive at the Community Hall by 1815 hrs, Cadets will fall in at 1830 hrs. Dress of the day – FTU’s, If you do not have your FTU’s please wear appropriate civilian attire. 
If you are going to be late or miss training please email the squadron.

Level 5 Please bring your list of PO’s that you feel strong teaching and at least 2 that you feel you would like some assistance.

ANY questions or concerns can be raised by sending email to Squadron email account at

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Volunteering provides the squadron with 75% of the funding needed for cadet activities.

An annual commitment of 4 volunteer bingo/casino shifts per family is required.