St. Albert Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets
St. Albert Community Hall, 17 Perron Street, St. Albert, AB

May 12, 2022 Announcements



Please note that COVID-19 restrictions are still in place.

Optional Training Activities (SIGN UP)

BAND – Moving to IN Person with some restrictions. – Please email us with the Subject line “BAND” to sign up. Whether you know how to play or not we will teach you.

Optional Training

14 May 22 – OIC Capt Barr, T

Survival Skills Training
Barr’s Castlekeep
Please be at the hall NLT 0745 hrs.
The Bus will depart the Community Hall is at 8 am and you will be dropped off at 5 pm.
Please bring a water bottle and snacks, a camping chair if you would like.
Lunch is provided.
Please dress for the Weather. Please wear boots, you may bring shoes for the fitness components.

16 May 22 – Monday; OIC CV Jackson

BAND Training – Location – William D Cuts School (149 Larose Dr, St. Albert)
Please wear a mask as Band is Indoor Training.
Bring your instrument that you were issued, Pencil, Water bottle and Indoor Shoes; NO OUTDOOR SHOES ARE ALLOWED IN THE SCHOOLS GYM.
If you do not have your instrument please see CI Jackson on Monday or Thursday.

18 May 22 – Wednesday; OIC Capt Barr B H, CV Welling, G

1800-2100 hrs. IN PERSON – Marksmanship Training – Please wear comfortable clothes, bring a water bottle and be on time.
Location – LHQ (St. Albert Community Hall)

19 May 22 – Thursday; OIC Capt Barr, T, M

1830 – 2130 HRS
Order of Dress: Please wear your FTU’s this week. If you have not been issued a Field Training Uniform then please wear your Civilian Sports Attire. If you are missing parts for your uniform please email with the pieces you have.

Upcoming Week Day Training Activities

If you are unable to sign up online, please sign up with 2Lt Tryon or Capt Barr, B, this way we know how many meal or busses to acquire. Please ensure that you sign up. They are both going to be great weekends of fun. Dress of the Day is FTU’s if you have them. You will need to be dropped off and picked up from the Squadron (St. Albert Community Hall)

Survival EX – 14 May 2022 – Sign up form

SurviveAir Competition – 11 June 2022 – Sign up form

Parade Positions

Squadron Commander: WO2 Wiwchar
SWO: WO2 Van Bostelen

Parade Order: We will be using a non-marching parade order.

Here is the class schedule for Thursday 19 May 2022


Canadian Forces Familiarization and Team building games

FSgt’s and WO’s:

Reminder that Warrant Officers Boards are coming up. Please email us at (if you are unable to send an email please speak with Capt Barr, B or 2Lt Tryon). These boards are a requirement to be promoted.

Thank you to the FSgt’s that scheduled their Warrant Officer Boards. Warrant Officer’s please remember that the WO1 Boards are on the 19th and to email the squadron.


Reminder for all instructors and Level Officers and Instructors to check upcoming May, June schedules for Instructor assignments.

Schedule is posted in Google Classroom. (New format includes Level Tabs have been added; assign yourselves to classes you are able to instruct in these tabs)

Summer Training

All requests to sign up have been entered. We will let you know as soon as selections are made. Thank you

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Assist the 533

Volunteering provides the squadron with 75% of the funding needed for cadet activities.

An annual commitment of 4 volunteer bingo/casino shifts per family is required.