6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

ORDER OF DRESS: C3E - Winter Dress / Tenue d'hiver

Become a Cadet

Devenir un cadet

Interested in Joining?

533 St. Albert Air Cadets will be starting up 1 Oct this training year. The cadet program runs the entire school year and ends mid June 2021. All new recruits are welcome!

Feel free to drop by our Parade location The St. Albert Community Hall on any Thursday night starting 1 Oct 2020, Our Parents Society "The Friends of 533" and our staff will be able to answer your questions.

In keeping with Current Public Health Measures, you can call Capt Terri Barr @ 780-686-9293 to arrange a visit time as the number of people in the hall is subject to restrictions. We will require those that are coming in to follow Current Public Health Measures. This means that we can only have one parent/guardian and all persons must wear a mask/face covering. Hand sanitizer will be provided.

Perhaps even bring a friend with you! If you enjoy what you see and are interested in joining, you'll just need copies of the following three things in order to register:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Health Care Card
  • Parent/Guardian to Sign Paperwork

To learn more about 533 St. Albert RCACS, check out the following links!

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Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for membership in the Sea, Army or Air Cadets, the applicant must:

  • be not less than 12 years old but not have attained his/her 19th birthday
  • not belong to another cadet corps or squadron
  • be a Canadian citizen or a lawful resident of Canada
  • be medically, physically and psychologically fit to join Cadets and participate in related training and/or activities
  • be covered by a government or private health insurance plan
  • be of good moral character
  • be acceptable to the cadet corps or squadron Commanding Officer

Membership Conditions

A cadet:

  • is expected to participate in training activities and follow regulations, orders and instructions
  • is expected to take good care of all items of clothing and equipment issued to them, to safeguard and return them when requested to do so
  • is expected to to conduct themselves in a manner respectful of others
  • may end their membership with the cadet squadron at any time
  • may be expelled from the cadet squadron if they commit a serious breach of discipline
  • is no longer eligible to be a member of a cadet squadron when they turn 19

Complete the Registration Form

Get ahead of the game! Complete the registration form on your computer, then print and bring it with you when you show up - it'll make the entire process much faster! Until this form is properly completed and handed to squadron personnel, including all required documents, the applicant may not be authorized to participate in Cadet training and activities.

Alternatively you can send us a digital application to join our Squadron at and select 533 St Albert, Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron.

Application for Membership / Demande d'admission
CF-1158 (10-2012)




Download (378 KB)

In Section 3, write the applicant's official surname(s) and given name(s) as they appear on official identification documents. No nicknames.

In Section 5, check "Yes" if a judge has ordered the applicant not to handle certain objects, not be near certain individuals, etc.

In Section 6:

  • list all of the applicant's parents, whether or not they live at the same address
  • if there are more than two parents, write their name and particulars on a sheet of paper and attach it to the form
  • specify every parent's access rights (also called "visitation rights" and "outing rights")

Documents to Provide

Provide a copy of one of the following pieces of identification on the applicant:

  • a valid Canadian passport; OR
  • an attestation or birth certificate issued by a Canadian provincial or territorial government or by the Government of Canada; OR
  • a valid card, visa, or permit issued by the Government of Canada authorizing the person to legally reside in Canada; OR
  • a valid identification card issued by a Canadian provincial or territorial government, or by the Government of Canada

Note: The provincial health insurance card is not accepted.

If, in Section 5, you check "Yes", provide a copy of the court or tribunal decree or judgement.

If, in Section 6, under "Access Rights", you check "Limited", provide a copy of the relevant pages from the court decree or judgement or separation agreement.

Parents Responsibilities

Parents of a cadet:

  • are required to notify the cadet squadron's commanding officer of any changes to the information collected on the application form without delay
  • are responsible for all items of clothing and equipment issued to their child and required to return them when requested to do so
  • may be required to support cadet squadron activities, as requested by the local sponsor
  • may be required to assist in Fundraising, as requested by the local sponsor

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Personal Information

In order to process this application for membership, determine the applicant's eligibility and, if admitted, administer his/her membership, the Canadian Forces (CF) must collect and use, as permitted under the Privacy Act, certain personal information. This includes, but is not limited to, the applicant's health insurance plan number which will be used only in case of medical emergency if parents are not available. Failure by parents to provide the requested information could render the applicant ineligible to join Cadets and participate in training and activities.

Except for health and medical information, the CF may disclose personal information to the Navy League, Army Cadet League and Air Cadet League of Canada (Leagues) and Local Sponsoring Committees (Local Sponsors). In the event of the applicant injuring himself/herself during Cadet training and/or activities, the Canadian Forces will provide a copy of his/her injury report (DND 2299) to the national office of the applicable Cadet League for insurance purposes. 

The CF, the Leagues and local sponsors may, at any time, use and disclose photographic images and video footage of a cadet, as well as his/her name, age, home unit name and location, and accomplishments in the Cadets, through print and electronic media, for the purposes of publicly recognizing his/her accomplishments and promoting the Cadet organizations as well as their programes.

There may also be situations when the CF will be required to disclose cadets' personal information to external organizations, whether they be governmental, non-governmental or private, Canadian or foreign, when the latter are responsible for or involved in the administration, organization, coordination and/or funding of training, activities, programes, awards, travel, accommodation and/or support provided to Cadet Organizations, among others or exclusively.

Under the Privacy Act, a cadet has the right to obtain a copy of the information collected by the CF related to him/her and request that changes be made to incorrect information. Parents of a cadet under the age of majority have the same right. This information is found in Personal Information Bank DND PPE 839.

All documents pertaining to a cadet collected by the CF will be destroyed when he/she reaches twenty-five years of age.

Cadets and Food Allergies

It is important for the applicant and his/her parents to be aware that the Canadian Forces (CF) do not have the mandate, are not equipped nor staffed to offer allergen-free foods or food preparation conditions. These limitations apply to meals and snacks prepared just as much by the CF as by a caterer, civilian volunteers or parents, and for all types of programs, courses and activities conducted through out the year, whether locally or away. The Canadian Forces are concerned that for those cadets with food allergies, sensitivities and intolerances it may not always be safe to participate in all Cadet training and activities.

At Section 9, parents of an applicant with food allergies are required to indicate if they consent or not to their child participating in programs, courses and activities during which meals are consumed.

If the applicant or his/her parents have any questions related to this topic, they can contact the cadet corps or squadron commanding officer.