St. Albert Squadron Royal Canadian Air Cadets
St. Albert Community Hall, 17 Perron Street, St. Albert, AB

Jan 19th, Announcements



Administration : 

  • If you are going to be late or miss training, please fill out this Google Form or phone the squadron and leave a message.
  • Administration needs to see the cadets listed in Google Classroom. 

Supply : 

  • Cadets will be called to Supply to be sized. If you have not been called yet, please speak to your Flight Commanders and they will let the staff know. 
  • Once you have been sized and your uniform arrives, you will be called to collect your uniform. Please remember to take it home with you at the end of the night. 

Training : 

  • Sunday January 22nd – Hockey Game
    • Bus pickup from St. Albert Community Hall at 1330 hrs for 1400 hrs practice at Rogers Place
    • Game starts at 1600 hrs – bus returning after game
    • Dress: Blue’s (if you have not been issued your Blue’s then wear your FTU’s. If you are new, please wear appropriate civilian attire) 
  • Monday January 23rd – Training at William D. Cuts School 
    • No uniforms, wear appropriate civilian attire & bring indoor shoes.
      • Band Training: 1830 – 2030 hrs
        • Please bring your music & instruments 
      • Drill Team: 1830 – 2030 hrs
        • Please sign up in Google Classroom 
  • Wednesday January 25th – Training at St. Albert Community Hall
    • No uniforms, wear appropriate civilian attire, bring water bottle.
      • Marksmanship Practice: 1800 – 2130 hrs
        • JUST THE TEAM – Pre-competition practices 
      • Effective Speaking: 1830 – 2000 hrs
        • Bring a pen and notebook
  • Thursday January 26th – REGULAR TRAINING NIGHT 
    • Dress: FTU’s
      • If you have not been issued your FTU’s, then wear your Blue’s. If you are new, please wear appropriate civilian attire. 

Parents Committee : 

  • February 10th 2023 – Pub Night/Silent Auction at The Thirsty Rooster
    • Any parents, guardians or friends that would like to donate items for the auction, please contact Amanda at We do have a letter for those who require it, please pick it up in supply on Thursday nights. 

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Assist the 533

Volunteering provides the squadron with 75% of the funding needed for cadet activities.

An annual commitment of 4 volunteer bingo/casino shifts per family is required.