6:30 PM - 9:30 PM

ORDER OF DRESS: C3E - Winter Dress / Tenue d'hiver

Please bare with us during our Website Construction

As you can tell, our website is currently under construction! We recently had to transfer web hosting providers in order to rectify some of the issues which have been plaguing the website since the beginning of the year, so we unfortunately now have to take a bit of time to put everything back together.

Hopefully it won't take us too long, though! Thank you for bearing with us while we complete this work.  Some information that may NOT be accurate.  If you have questions please email us.

If you have specific questions or cannot find something that was previously on the website, please contact us thru our Facebook page (link at the top of the page)  or email us at  Or call Capt T. Barr at 780-686-9293

The 20/21 Cadet Training year.

Please check your emails for the Virtual Platform Invitation.  If you have not received this email by the Wednesday before training, please email  Please ensure that you are in Summer Dress, if your uniform does not fit then please wear Business Casual/Appropriate Clothing.

If you are having trouble hearing/seeing us on the Virtual Platform please email us any of your questions and we will be more then happy to help you.  

Returning Cadets - Please look in your email for the Validation Form and Accompanying instructions.  If you have not received this information please email the Squadron at Or contact Capt T. Barr @ 780-686-9293. 

Interested in Joining 533 Air Cadets: 

Instead, new cadets can send us an email directly to us at Or, Alternatively you can send us a digital application to join our Squadron at and select 533 St Albert, Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadron.

Additionally, questions Will be answered by us thru our email at or thru our Facebook page. We currently unable to take any in person applications at this time.

We look forward to you having your child join us for some very exciting training opportunities this coming year. Contact us NOW to see what all we have to offer. 



There will be NO IN PERSON Training until further notice, PLEASE continue to log in thru our Zoom Platform.  We are still accepting NEW CADETS, however the applications must go thru the squadron email.

If you have not received an invite for Google classroom, please email the squadron

We have created an Announcements page under the Administration tab to help keep you updated from our Virtual; and eventual In person Training. Click here to be taken to the Complete Announcement’s page.


If you did participate in this training or our own weekly sessions please send us a email telling us what you thought about them....Good, Bad, or otherwise.  We are always looking to improve the methods of how we teach.

At this time NO in person cadet training will happen until further notice.  If you are not receiving phone calls and emails from our Staff and Senior cadets please reach out to us so we can update your information.

If you have any questions at this time, please feel free to send us an email at

Stay safe, and we look forward to seeing you again in person as soon as we can!

Cash Calendar Fundraiser

We have been given 3 calendars per family to sell. These make great Christmas gifts.

They will be available for pick up any Thursday nights at 7 pm at the St. Albert Community Hall.

Please email for further information.

Draw date has been extended to FEB 16th, 2020.

Thank you in Advance

Friends of 533


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Hi, we need ALOT of help this Saturday for Bingo!!!

Saturday, November 28, 2020
11:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Anyone over 18 years can help out (family members, friends, siblings etc)

The bingo hall is safe to be at (safer than going to the mall or grocery store). Bingo hall follows all of AHS protocols.

You can also wear rubber gloves if you prefer.

Thank you, in Advance

It is imperative that we keep these bingos, as they are our main support for income. We have not found any other fundraiser that raises this amount of money!!!

You can click (Above or below) on the link to sign up.

Thank you

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We are looking for current cadets and past cadets to send us a video (5-20 seconds in length) saying goodbye to our out going Commanding Officer Captain Adam Colbourne.

We are putting together a goodbye video for him as we wont be able to have an official face to face goodbye.

It won't take long to snap the video.

Parents are also welcome to send us you Goodbye Videos to Mrs Rebecca Baglien.

Please send the videos prior tp December 1st, 2020 to Mrs Rebecca Baglien at


Thank you in Advance,

Friends of 533